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Yosemite National Park

Well we finally made the trip to Yosemite on June 8th and 9th 2022. The scenery was breathtaking but the crowds of people were just a little to much for us. We drove down to Mariposa Ca. from Eagle Point Or. on the 7th and stayed two nights at the Monarch Inn. The hotel was pretty nice but not high end at all, it was quiet and peaceful with a clean room that had a comfy bed. We had our first meal at the Happy Burger Diner which was as amazing as the reviews we saw on TripAdvisor which is what led us there. On Wednesday morning we got up early as we knew from reading about insights to the park that we needed to get there by 8am. The line at the Arch Rock entrance was not bad at 8am, as we proceeded into the park all the pullouts and parking lots were full of cars and people. We drove up to the Vernal Falls parking lot only to find it closed as it was full. We ended up having to park all the way down at the Yosemite Falls parking lot which added another 8 miles to a round trip hike that should have been just 2 miles. Needless to say we didn't get to visit Vernal Falls. All in all Yosemite is a beautiful place with huge granite cliffs and numerous waterfalls to see. If you have never been I would recommend going if you get the chance. For us it is a one and done place as the crowds are to much and some of the visitors are plain rude. The selfie crowd was horrible at some of the view points by standing in the way of those of us that wanted to get scenery photos without the selfie crowd getting in the way. We went back to Mariposa for the evening around 3 pm as we had had enough with the crowds at Yosemite. We had a terrible dinner that night at Don Ruben's Mexican Restaurant, food was very bland and was not fresh, we thought it would be good based on the TripAdvisor reviews but something must have changed. We knew we should have just gone back to the Happy Burger Diner as their menu was packed full of options and their Mexican food was probably better even though its a burger joint.

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